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  • [Feb 2015] Presentation Award @ KIISE (Korean Institute of Information Scienctists and Engineers) 2014 Fall Conference (HyunTae Kim).
  • [AUG 2014] Prize and Awards in Game AI Competitions @ IEEE CIG and ECAI Results.
  • [AUG 2014] Prof. Kim is added to the editorial board of Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence JETAI .
  • [AUG 2014] Prof. Kim is appointed as a vice chair of real-time strategy games task force at games technical committee in IEEE Computational Intelligence Society RTS TF
  • [AUG 2014] Prof. Kim (with Prof. Sung-Bae Cho, Ruck Thawonmas, and Jacek Mandziuk) got approval on the The Scientific World Journal special issue on “Recent Advances in Intelligent Techniques for Games,” CFP
  • [AUG 2014] Prof. Kim (with Prof. Sung-Bae Cho) organizes a special session on “Mobile and Entertainment Computing,” at IES 2014 CFP.
  • [AUG 2014] Prof. Kim, Ho-Chul Cho and In-Suk Oh (Undergraduate Students) organize a 2014 StarCraft AI Competition at IEEE CIG 2014 CFP Sejong Press
  • [JUL 2014] Prof. Kim (with Prof. Sung-Bae Cho) organizes a special session on “Computational Intelligence and Games” at WCCI 2014 CFP
  • [OCT 2013] 2nd Place Fighting Game AI Competition Kyoung-Jun Ahn and Dong-Hyun Jang Sejong News Letter
  • [AUG 2013] 3rd Place Student Video Competition (IEEE CIG 2013) Hyun Tae Kim and Du-Mim Yoon Sejong Press
  • [AUG 2013] Finalists Angry Birds AI Competition (IJCAI 2013) Du-Mim Yoon
  • [AUG 2011] 3rd Place StarCraft AI Competition (IEEE CIG 2011) Ho-Chul Cho Sejong Press

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