Kim, Kyung-Joong

Associate Professor
School of Integrated Technology (SIT),
Institute of Integrated Technology (IIT),
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

Game Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Academic Positions

04/2019 – Now GIST, South Korea Associate Professor

09/2013 – 03/2019 Sejong University, South Korea Associate Professor

09/2010 – 08/2013 Sejong University, South Korea Assistant Professor
03/2009 – 08/2010 Sejong University, South Korea Full-Time Lecturer
07/2007 – 02/2009 Cornell University, USA Postdoctoral Researcher
(Advisor : Prof. Hod Lipson)
03/2007 – 06/2007 Yonsei University, South Korea Postdoctoral Researcher
(Advisor : Prof. Sung-Bae Cho)

Ph.d. Student

Joo Ho-Taek

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Master Student

Yoon Seong-Hun

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Sim Woo-il

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Park Tae-Hwa

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Undergraduate Student

Baek In-Chang

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Jeong Eui-Jin

Deep Reinforcement Learning


Cheong-Mok Bae

Lee Dong-Hyoek


  • Byeong-Jun Min (2019 Feb, M.S.) – Episodic Control 
  • JaeYoon Noh (Move to Multimedia and Internet Lab at Sejong University)
  • SeungJin Lee (Move to Multimedia and Internet Lab at Sejong University) 
  • ByungHo Yoo (2019 Feb, M.S. all but thesis) – Neural Style Art, Serve in the military  
  • Bae Cheong-Mok (2018 Aug, M.S.) – Deep Learning for StarCraft AI, Researcher at GIST 
  • Jeon Ji-Hoon (2018 Feb, M.S.) – Game Data Mining,  
  • Sehar Shahzad Farooq (2018 Aug, Ph.D.) – Game Player Modeling, Assistant Professor at Institute of Southern Punjab, Pakistan
  • Park Hyun-Soo (2018 Feb, Ph.D.) – Deep Reinforcement Learning for Video Games, NCSoft
  • Yoon Du-Mim (2018 Feb, Ph.D.) – Deep Learning for Style Transfer, NCSoft
  • Kim Man-Je (2017 Aug, B.S.) – Fighting Game AI, StartCraft AI, GIST M.S. student
  • Oh In-Seok (2016 Aug, M.S.) – Real-Time Strategy Game AI, NCSoft
  • Kim Hyun-Tae (2015 Feb, M.S.) – Deep Learning, Hyundai MnSoft 
  • Cho Ho-Chul (2014 Aug, B.S.) – StarCraft AI, Researcher at Culture Technology Research Institute in KAIST 
  • Park Hyun-Soo (2013 Feb, M.S.) – Fault-Tolerant Systems, Sejong Univ. Ph.D. student
  • Yoon Du-Mim (2012 Aug, M.S.) – Fault-Tolerant Systems, Sejong Univ. Ph.D. student
  • Park Jung-Guk (2012 Feb, M.S.) – Traffic Sign Recognition, KAIST Ph.D. student