Angry birds level customizing

!!! Do not use this method for high scoring !!!


1. Chrome web browser External link
2. Lua BInary External link
3. Angry birds Level editor by forcer (web version) External link
4. Level converting script (alpha version) Download
5. JSON encoding lua script External link
6. fiddler2 External link


Basic idea

Level creation

1. Make your custom level with angry birds Level editor.External Link

<※Caution!: the alpha version converter provide just first level's objects(1-1 ~ 1-21), TNT, Black bird and White bird.>

2. Click 'save changes'.
3. Save text(lua script) to a new file. (ex> input_level.lua)


(an example)
before: ltoj.lua angryconverter.lua json.lua input_level.lua

c\:>lua.exe ltoj.lua input_level.lua output_level.json  ↵

Angrybird level converter(lua to json)
(Ver. Alpha)
map editor:


after: ltoj.lua angryconverter.lua json.lua input_level.lua output_level.json


Fiddler2 setting

Level's URL finding

1. Close all chrome browser (Disable all proxy application and plugins).
2. Run fiddler2.
3. Open just single chrome browser with secret mode. (cache clearing)
4. Go to angry birds with the browser. (
5. Select start button in Angry birds.
6. Select poached eggs.
7. Select Level 1-1.
8. Get URL from fiddler2.

Auto responder setting

1. Select 'AutoResponder'.
2. Check 'Enable automatic responses' and 'Unmatched requests passthrough'.
3. Paste level's URL into upper dropdown menu in 'Rule Editor'.
4. Select 'Find a file...' in lowwer dropdown menu.
5. Select customized level file.
6. Click 'Save' and check rules list.
(if you want use many custom level, you should add new rules with other custom level files.)
(You can do mapping 21 levels. ~/json/Level1-1.json ... ~/json/Level1-21.json)


(fiddler must running with custom level rules.)
1. Close all chrome browser (at first time).
2. Open new single chrome browser with secret mode.
3. Play Angry birds!

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